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Packing Guide

Good packing will reduce the chance of your household goods from being damaged. Careful packing will increase your chances of no damage to your goods.

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It is common knowledge that most people do not enjoy packing, particularly if the house being packed up is large. Nobody however likes ones household goods to be damaged on route due to poor packing. It is critical to the success of the move that the contents of your home be packed correctly and protected whilst in transit. Good packing will reduce the chance of your household goods from being damaged.

If your budget does not allow you the privilege of a packing service, doing your own packing can save you a considerable amount of money. If you wish to pack up the contents of your home yourself you will need to know what materials you will need and also how to pack up each item safely and securely to prevent damage. This guide contains useful tips and information on what to pack, what not to pack and how to pack up many different items. For example, how you pack up your pots and pans will be very different from how you pack up your heirloom china. Keep in mind that you can purchase all moving supplies from Aloha Moving.

If you do not have the time to devote to packing and can afford a packing service, Aloha Moving will be able to pack your household goods along with your furniture. It is critical to book this service in advance and not on moving day. Aloha Moving will provide the packing materials and the content of your home will be professionally packed up usually on the day of moving or the day before. Remember, this is what we do for a living and we have enormous knowledge of packing and know all the best techniques to protect your household contents.

You may also request that Aloha Moving do partial packing. Consider having Aloha Moving pack delicate items such as dishes, crystal, and other fragile pieces. You can reduce the risk of damage by letting us do the packing for these items while reducing your costs by doing the bulk of the packing job yourself.

MOVING can be one of the most stressful events in your life. However, by getting organized and planning ahead, you can prepare your family or business for a smooth move.

Aloha Moving provides you with the services and resources that will help make your relocation cost effective, efficient, and worry-free.

Be sure to consult our Moving Guides and Tips for valuable information, such as how to prepare for your relocation week by week, and how to pack.

In just a few easy steps, we’ll help you make your relocation a successful one!